September 21, 2020

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08/06 Links Pt2: Muslim antisemitism – It’s time to face reality; Rogen and Maron: A Tale of Two Idiots; Coronavirus vaccine race: Israel to begin human testing by October

August 6, 2020 Ian Ian: Muslim antisemitism – It’s time to face reality The think-tank the Henry Jackson Society has just published a report titled ‘Muslim Anti-Semitism In Contemporary Great Britain’. The author, Dr Rakib Ehsan a Muslim […]

08/06 Links Pt1: Beirut blast came at worst possible time for Nasrallah; Rebuffed by Lebanon, Israelis seek workarounds to get help to Beirut; PLO/Fatah planning violent “comprehensive intifada”

August 6, 2020 Ian Ian: Beirut blast came at worst possible time for Nasrallah As opposed to other past incidents, Hezbollah was not quick in its broadcasts to blame Israel. It didn’t hint at sabotage and didn’t threaten […]

Who on Earth is Dana Ron, and the Beirut Explosion

August 6, 2020 Ziy0nadmin longer I live here, the more I understand how different Israel is from my former home, the USA. There are elements of Middle East culture, unsurprising since about half of all Jewish Israelis are […]

Jewish refugees would restore politics and accountability to conflict

August 6, 2020 Ian expulsion of the Jewish refugees from Arab countries is a key component of the Middle East conflict. Restoring the Jewish refugees to the narrative would restore balance and Arab accountability, argues Shmuel Trigano in […]