December 8, 2023

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09/30 Links Pt2: Antisemitism’s ‘Long March Through the Institutions’; Jonathan Tobin: The Left wants no part of liberal Israel; Trump, antisemitic? This is madness

September 30, 2020 Ian Ian: Antisemitism’s ‘Long March Through the Institutions’ This antisemitism was once, perhaps, an annoyance that could be swept under the rug with claims of academic freedom and diversity. It can’t be anymore. It has […]

Oped in the Jerusalem Post (with links)

September 30, 2020 Richard Landes Jerusalem Post published an oped of mine on the Al Durah affair. Here it is, unedited, with links: Al Durah Affair 20 Years On Today is the 20th anniversary of the most disastrous event […]

09/30 Links Pt1: The Abraham Accords trumps the Oslo Accords; Netanyahu Highlights Hezbollah Use of Human Shields; Iranian Chess Referee Reveals Jewish Heritage as She Seeks Asylum in UK

September 30, 2020 Ian Ian: The Abraham Accords trumps the Oslo Accords The signing of the Abraham Accords is an incredible achievement for the Trump administration. For the last three and a half years President Trump disregarded all […]

Al Durah, The First Blood Libel of the 21st Century

September 30, 2020 Richard Landes the 20th anniversary of the day Charles Enderlin poisoned the world with the first blood libel to succeed in the West since the Nazis, here is a reading of the first chapter of my […]

If you want to see Leila Khaled, here’s your chance

September 30, 2020 Eldad Tzioni International League of Peoples’ Struggle is proud to present a webinar featuring Leila Khaled. This October, the ILPS, its member organizations, country chapters, and allied networks will be launching a month-long campaign of Global […]

Arabic music goes from ghetto to Israeli mainstream

September 29, 2020 Ian has overcome its ‘complex’ regarding Arabic music, and today this genre is mainstream in Israeli culture, argues Linda Menuhin in this article for the Tel Aviv Review of Books. (Menuhin surveys the current Arabic […]

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