June 16, 2024

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Jews Down Under is migrating to a web site.


Jews Down Under  is migrating to a web site in the next day or two. Tuesday by the look of things.


This has been an amazing journey in the past 7/8 months and I thank you all for your support.JDU logo tiny

All you need to do is to bookmark the new URL,  you will be automatically diverted .

One of my aims in starting this site was to encourage dialogue. I was advised to direct people to the site via Facebook. In a way that was a mistake, as the dialogue is happening on FB  pages and not on the site and I now know that not everyone who the FB share goes out to  receives it, unless I pay them. .

Please realise that when you click the link on FB, you are directed to the site. I found out a few days ago that most people had no idea that was the case.

Unfortunately, because I am not being hosted by WordPress, I can’t automatically transfer email and WordPress followers or any of my statistics. It is really a case blackmail.  I want it to be hosted by the guy who has done all the work of transferring and organising. Plus I want to keep it ‘in the family’ so to speak.

Please can those who have subscribed to follow in one way or another,  resubscribe when you visit the new site.

JDU logo tiny


If anyone wants the use of a good IT guy, please contact me and I will pass on his details. I also want to be able to communicate with a human being and not have to rely on electronic communication.

I have the email addresses of those who follow by email. I have most of those who subscribed via WordPress. It took hours for me to go through a few hundred Blogs looking for addresses, which some don’t provide.

Everyone who is subscribed will be receiving an email from the site anyhow, but I will follow it up later with another.

Shirlee Finn.


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