May 22, 2024

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Egyptian teacher under investigation for …"scandalous dancing." (video – WARNING – it isn’t scandalous)

There is a controversy in Egypt over a video showing a female teacher dancing with male teachers.

The teachers were taking a cruise down the Nile, a trip which was organized by the Teachers Union in West Mansoura.
The female teacher was honored as the “ideal teacher” for teaching Arabic.
The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education in Dakahlia, Egypt, decided to refer five teachers in the West Mansoura Educational Administration to the Administrative Prosecution for investigation.
The women who is encouraging the dance is also under investigation, as are the male teachers.
The video is all over Arab websites as “scandalous.” 
At no time is the teacher not modestly covered. At no time does she touch any of her dance partners. I don’t know why this is more scandalous than anyone going on a bus in Egypt.
Here’s the video:

The female teacher is angry, claiming that she didn’t know anyone was videoing her, and saying, “By God, I do not know that I can imagine why would they defame me and my reputation and destroy my future and the future of my three children.”

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