September 27, 2021

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The Day After Election Day

November 5, 2020 Ziy0nadmin’s a rainy Wednesday morning in Rehovot, and the US election is undecided. I have made my preference for Donald Trump clear. I understand the reasons that many Americans oppose him, but they are focusing […]

The Siege of France, 2020

November 2, 2020 Ziy0nadmin who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. – Voltaire When I think of human rights, democratic governance, Enlightenment values, and the idea that reason and scientific method are superior to […]

Want Peace in the Middle East? Vote for Trump!

October 29, 2020 Ziy0nadmin end of the historic “Arab-Israeli conflict” may be on the horizon, depending on the outcome of the US presidential election. Oh, It wouldn’t mean that the Palestinian Arabs will soon give up on the […]

Which is Worse, Influenza or Affluenza?

October 25, 2020 Ziy0nadmin do I read during an epidemic? What else but books about epidemics, like John M. Barry’s “The Great Influenza,” about the catastrophic 1918 pandemic that killed an estimated 50 million people worldwide. The 1918 […]

Why is There Still a World Zionist Organization?

October 22, 2020 Ziy0nadmin Zionist Organization and its parliament, the Zionist Congress, were established by Theodor Herzl in 1897 (the “World” was added to their names later). Their function was to develop and implement a program of Jewish […]

The decapitation of Europe’s freedom

October 22, 2020 Ziy0nadmin Last Friday 47-year-old schoolteacher Samuel Paty was butchered and decapitated near the school at which he worked. His ‘crime’ was to teach his students about free speech. There is a horrific difference in this […]

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