February 20, 2019

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Sex, Lies, and Judicial Appointments

January 20, 2019 Ziy0nadmin

http://abuyehuda.com/2019/01/sex-lies-and-judicial-appointments/A sex scandal juicy enough to be the plot of a Hollywood movie is currently roiling the Israeli justice system. A powerful man, multiple women, possible involvement in the highest places, and it all came […]

Good News Friday

January 18, 2019 Ziy0nadmin

https://anneinpt.wordpress.com/2019/01/18/good-news-friday-265/I missed last week’s Good News Friday post because I ran out of time before Shabbat, so this week I’m starting early! In this age of environment-awareness, we can welcome the news that Israeli researchers […]

American Jews and Israel: Can this marriage be saved?

January 18, 2019 Ziy0nadmin

http://abuyehuda.com/2019/01/american-jews-and-israel-can-this-marriage-be-saved/A great deal has been written lately about the problematic relationship between American Jews (the non-Orthodox majority) and Israel. Everyone wants to get into the act. I don’t have any magic bullets. But as an […]

Elections silly season

January 17, 2019 Ziy0nadmin

https://anneinpt.wordpress.com/2019/01/17/elections-silly-season/It is election season in Israel with all the attendant empty promises, scandals, and political jockeying. Bayit Yehudi head and Education Minister Naftali Bennett took his deputy, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, and left the party, […]

Ben-Gurion, Zionism, and democracy

January 13, 2019 Ziy0nadmin

http://abuyehuda.com/2019/01/ben-gurion-zionism-and-democracy/During the acrimonious debate over the Basic Law: Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People, opponents claimed it was defective because it didn’t mention “democracy” or “equality,” concepts that are found implicitly or explicitly […]

The Muslim world’s unsporting behaviour towards Israel

January 13, 2019 Ziy0nadmin

https://anneinpt.wordpress.com/2019/01/13/the-muslim-worlds-unsporting-behaviour-towards-israel/Not for the first time, a Muslim nation is discriminating against Israel. As we know only too well, the Muslim world has a bad record when it comes to discriminating against Israeli sportsmen.  One of […]

Shabbat Shalom!

January 11, 2019 Ziy0nadmin

https://anneinpt.wordpress.com/2019/01/11/shabbat-shalom-10/Shabbat Shalom to everyone! Have a safe and quiet weekend wherever you are. 💐 pic.twitter.com/2nVYkyMn9S — anneinpt (@anneinpt) January 11, 2019

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