August 16, 2018

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More on the Nation-State Law

August 5, 2018 Ziy0nadmin longer the time that passes, the more we hear about the Nation-State Law (aka the Jewish State Law). And the more we hear and read, the more confused we become. Here are a some […]

Good News Friday

August 3, 2018 Ziy0nadmin week’s Good News Friday is going to be Zionism week, starring my very own family! My first item is Aliya, specifically from the United States. This week 232 Olim came to Israel on a […]

Our cognitive enemies

August 2, 2018 Ziy0nadmin missiles are falling all over Israel, their multi-ton payloads blasting the Jewish state, built at such great cost in human effort and blood over the past 70 years, to bits. I am not talking […]

A long hot summer on Israel’s borders

July 29, 2018 Ziy0nadmin situation on Israel’s major borders is so volatile that it looks like we’re in for a long hot summer in more ways than one. The South Let’s have a quick look at the smouldering […]

On democracy

July 29, 2018 Ziy0nadmin favorite complaint made by the Israeli Left and the American liberal Jewish establishment against anything the supposedly “right-wing” government of Israel does is that it is “undemocratic.” They do not usually define the concept […]

Again, Palestinian incitement leads to murder

July 28, 2018 Ziy0nadmin Friday I mentioned briefly the brutal murder of Yotam Ovadia in the settlement of Adam by a 17 year old terrorist. First we have a chilling description of the killing: The father of Yotam […]

Good News Friday

July 27, 2018 Ziy0nadmin cannot start this week’s post without mentioning some very not good news: yesterday an Israeli civilian, Yotam Ovadia  was stabbed to death and two others injured in a brutal terror attack carried out by […]

The root of our conflict goes deeper than you thought

July 27, 2018 Ziy0nadmin you read a history book or today’s newspaper, you will see certain kinds of conflicts that repeat themselves, time and again. There are economic conflicts, situations in which one group wants something – land […]

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