July 24, 2024

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Ben and Jerry: Deluded Men of “Peace”

July 30, 2021 Richard Landes

http://www.theaugeanstables.com/2021/07/30/ben-and-jerry-deluded-men-of-peace/A few days ago, the NYT (#surprise) ran an op-ed by Bennet Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, entitled: “We’re Ben and Jerry. Men of Ice Cream, Men of Principle.” It is hard to exaggerate the self-deluding, […]

Gleanings: Fall of Rome, Fall of the West

June 30, 2021 Richard Landes

http://www.theaugeanstables.com/2021/06/30/gleanings-fall-of-rome-fall-of-the-west/I often need to cut whole sections of an article, either because it’s too long, or it’s a diversion that distracts from the flow of the argument. I will put any coherent segment here for […]

50-year Anniversary of the Class of ’71 Statement

June 22, 2021 Richard Landes

http://www.theaugeanstables.com/2021/06/22/50-year-anniversary-of-the-class-of-71-statement/It was supposed to be my 50th graduation anniversary this June. We were asked to write for the yearbook. I just received an email from a classmate who saw my remarks in response to the […]

Fisking “Scholars” for “Palestine”

June 18, 2021 Richard Landes

http://www.theaugeanstables.com/2021/06/18/fisking-scholars-for-palestine/Early on in the latest round of fighting between Israel and Hamas, an organization claiming to speak as “scholars” issued a strong statement calling for public commitment. Despite its decidedly unscholarly tone and content, it […]

La Guerre Cognitive

May 7, 2021 Richard Landes

http://www.theaugeanstables.com/2021/05/07/la-guerre-cognitive/Avant-hier j’ai fait une conference zoom avec ELENET sur la guerre cognitive. Voici le video. Suit mon texte, plus long. J’accepte de mes lecteurs dont le francais est superieure a la mienne, tout correction et […]

Fisking Michael Walzer on IHRA and Van Leer definitions of antisemitism

April 23, 2021 Richard Landes

http://www.theaugeanstables.com/2021/04/23/fisking-michael-walzer-on-ihra-and-van-leer-definitions-of-antisemitism/Recently the Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem came out with a definition/declaration of antisemitism that challenged the now widely used definition/guidelines published ten years ago by IHRA. The original is perceived by many progressives as […]

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