December 7, 2022

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Ben and Jerry: Deluded Men of “Peace”

July 30, 2021 Richard Landes few days ago, the NYT (#surprise) ran an op-ed by Bennet Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, entitled: “We’re Ben and Jerry. Men of Ice Cream, Men of Principle.” It is hard to exaggerate the self-deluding, […]

Gleanings: Fall of Rome, Fall of the West

June 30, 2021 Richard Landes often need to cut whole sections of an article, either because it’s too long, or it’s a diversion that distracts from the flow of the argument. I will put any coherent segment here for […]

50-year Anniversary of the Class of ’71 Statement

June 22, 2021 Richard Landes was supposed to be my 50th graduation anniversary this June. We were asked to write for the yearbook. I just received an email from a classmate who saw my remarks in response to the […]

Fisking “Scholars” for “Palestine”

June 18, 2021 Richard Landes on in the latest round of fighting between Israel and Hamas, an organization claiming to speak as “scholars” issued a strong statement calling for public commitment. Despite its decidedly unscholarly tone and content, it […]

La Guerre Cognitive

May 7, 2021 Richard Landes j’ai fait une conference zoom avec ELENET sur la guerre cognitive. Voici le video. Suit mon texte, plus long. J’accepte de mes lecteurs dont le francais est superieure a la mienne, tout correction et […]

Fisking Michael Walzer on IHRA and Van Leer definitions of antisemitism

April 23, 2021 Richard Landes the Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem came out with a definition/declaration of antisemitism that challenged the now widely used definition/guidelines published ten years ago by IHRA. The original is perceived by many progressives as […]

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