March 2, 2021

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The Moebius Strip of Opposing Cognitive Egocentrism

April 11, 2019 Richard Landes following is from Part II, chapter 3 of my book: They’re so Smart cause we’re so Stupid: A Medievalist’s Guide to the 21st Century. I post in here to help a friend addressing the cognitive egocentrism cum supersessionism of the Anglican Church. Cognitive Egocentrism In the late 60s, psychologist David Elkind published his findings of adolescent boys and […]

“One Man’s Terrorist…” Book excerpt prompted by Ahlam Tammimi

April 3, 2019 Richard Landes excerpt from Part I, chapter 2 of my book They’re So Smart cause we’re so stupid, on the way media handled the problem of using the word terrorism in response to 9-11. I put it up now in response to the claim of Ahlam Tammimi, a […]

On Media Coverage of Recent Exchanges of Fire between Israel and Gaza

March 26, 2019 Richard Landes following is an excerpt from my book ms., They’re So Smart cause We’re so Stupid: A Medievalist’s Guide to the 21st century. From: Part II: the Players, Chapter 5: Lethal Journalism Compliance with Palestinian Media Protocols It has become increasingly clear over the last decades […]

HardTalk’s Stephen Sackur: Bully and Wimp

February 11, 2019 Richard Landes Sackur of HardTalk thinks he’s tough on everyone. But when it comes to the Middle East he’s out of his depth dealing with the Palestinians and Israelis. He’s a wimp with one and a […]

Omertà in Action: The Cannibal Strategy and Shati Refugee Shelling

December 21, 2018 Richard Landesà in Action: The Cannibal Strategy and Shati Refugee Shelling The following is an excerpt from my book ms, They’re So Smart cause We’re so Stupid: A Medievalist’s Guide to the 21st Century, Part II, chapter 5: “Lethal Journalism.” To add to the dossier […]

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