June 2, 2020

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Glossary List for Understanding the 21st Century


The following is a glossary list of terms I (and others) have developed to help describe the civilizational dynamics of the 21st century. I welcome suggestions for my definitions and for others I haven’t included.

Accuracy: best approximation one can make describing reality/actuality.

Journalistic Accuracy: best effort to describe what actually happened.

Al Yahud: Arabic for “the Jew,” a pervasively derogatory phrase, sons of apes and pigs.

Analogic dyslexia: wild and inappropriate historical analogies. See: Cultural relativity/Equivalence

Chronologic dyslexia: putting cart before horse. See Cult of Occupation

Apocalypticism: urgent sense that time for the Final Events is now

Active cataclysmic apocalyptic: agents of apocalyptic destruction
Passive cataclysmic apocalyptic: outside force destroys.
Transformative apocalyptic: voluntary transformation into new world

Apocalyptic narrative: cosmic/global story/scenario: how good will soon defeat evil.

Augean Stables: bad practices accumulated over long periods. My blog on WMSNM

Caliphate: rule of Islam, of Shari’a applicable to all including infidel dhimmi

Global caliphate: world submitted to Sharia, triumphalist millennial goal.
See: Muslim Triumphalism, Global Jihad, Da’wa.
Global Caliphater:
Muslim believing the time for global Caliphate is now.
Caliphater’s three choices: conversion to Islam, death, or dhimmitude.

Civil/Demotic polity: substitutes fairness discourse for violence in settling disputes.

Cognitive Egocentrism: projecting one’s own mentality onto others.

Liberal CE (LCE): projecting good faith/positive-sum motives on others.
Dominating EC (DCE): projecting bad faith/0-sum, rule or be ruled.
Moebius strip of CE: interaction of LCE-DCE to the advantage of DCE.

Cognitive Warfare (Cogwar): convince a more powerful foe not to use his force.

Cult of “Occupation”: attributing world-salvific results to ending Israeli Occupation.

Dar al Islam/Dar al Harb: world divided into realm of submission, and realm of war. See: Triumphalist Islam, Jihad, Global Jihad.

Da’wa: “summons”, call to infidel to convert and Muslims intensify their devotion;

Da-i Caliphaters: those waging global Jihad non-violently, by Cogwar.

Demopaths: using human rights to protect enemies of human rights. See: Da-i Caliphaters, Cogwar, DCE.

Dupes of demopaths: people who cede to the demopathic argument. See HRNGOs, Halo Effect, LCE.

Demotic: of/for the people (demos), aimed at empowering commoners.

Demotic Values: egalitarian, dignity of manual labor.
Demotic Religiosity: egalitarian religious style of being in society.
Demotic Polity: based on equality before the law, voluntary, contractual relations. See: Civil Polity

Dignity-guilt culture (DGC): dignity from mutual respect not dominion, d. of labor.
See: Demotic Values, Demotic/Civil Polity; cf: Honor-Shame Culture

Dhimmi: status of favored infidels in Dar al Islam, protected as long as degraded. See: Triumphalist Religioisty

Proleptic Dhimmitude: submitting in anticipation of conquest.
Dhimmi Leaders: charged with suppressing criticism of Muslims in their communities. See: Islamophobia

Dominating Imperative: Rule or be ruled.

Empathic Imperative: judge others as favorably as possible.

Eisogesis: aggressively reading outside meaning into a given text, imposition.

Exegesis: deriving implied meaning from a given text, interpretation.

Global Jihad: Mujahedeen’s purifying destruction brings on the *Global Caliphate.
     Global Jihadi Right (GJR): hierarichal movement of conquest/dominion.

Global Progressive Left (GPL): leader of humanity’s evolution to global civil society.

Halo Effect: HRNGO’s good reputation because of their mission’s moral nature.

Honor Killings: (see Shame Murders)

Hopium: addiction to misplaced hope in decision-making.  See LCE, .

Human-Rights NGOs (HRNGO): NGOs dedicated to global human rights.  See: Halo Effect, Moral Equivalence

    Human Rights Complex (HRC): ignore victimizers of color; obsess about “whites.”

Humanitarian Racism: people of color as force of nature; make no moral demands. See: Victim Studies, Intersectionality

Icons of Hatred: visual embodiments of lethal narratives, powerful war propaganda. See: Own Goal Lethal War Journalism

Information Professionals: charged by public to inform accurately on relevant issues (academics, researchers, journalists, public intellectuals).

Intifada: “shaking off,” as in mighty beast of Islam shakes off Zionist fly.

    Al Aqsa Intifada: first campaign of 21st century global Jihad. *Intifada, *Trojan Horse Intifada, *Oslo Jihad, *Y2KMind, *Oslo Logic

Jihad: “to struggle” (German, kampfen), either internally or holy war to spread Islam.

Kalam Alnass: Arabic term for fear of others judging negatively. *Oneidophobia 

Lethal Narratives: false atrocity-charges hard to disprove, poisoned war propaganda.

    Lethal Journalism: passing on one side’s lethal narratives about the other (war propaganda) as news.

   Own-goal war journalism: reporting the enemy’s war propaganda as news.
Patriotic war journalism: reporting one’s own war propaganda as news.

Livingston Formulation: complaints of anti-Semitism are merely efforts to stop legitimate criticism of Israel. Cf: *Islamophobia

Mainstream News Media MSNM: major print, video news outlets, news agencies.

    WesternMSNM (WMSNM): world’s most professional news production services. *Augean Stables

Masochistic Omnipotence Syndrome MOS: everything our fault; if we do better, we fix everything.

Marriage of Pre-Modern Sadism and Post-Modern Masochism (MPreMoS&PomoM): Colonial Victim: “it’s all your fault!” Westerner: “How can I atone?”

Millennialism: an age of justice, abundance, peace and mutual love is coming (soon).

    Progressive vs Restorative: brave new world vs past golden age lost

    Demotic vs Triumphalist: bottom-up egalitarian vs top-down hierarchy

Moderate Muslim: one who exchanges triumphalism for religious freedom; grateful to live in civil polity. *Y2KCompliant

Moral Relativism/Equivalence: equating very different levels of moral behavior. *Dupes and Demopaths, *HRNGOs

Moral Schadenfreude: taking pleasure in the moral degradation of another.

Nakba: 1948 “catastrophe” in Arab-Muslim world, among refugees, when Israel won.

    Naksa: “setback” of 1967, Nakba 2.0.

    Naksba: mentality of those who scapegoat Israel while abusing own people. *Prime Divider Society *Negative-Sum Games *Strong Horse Politics

Oikophobia: repudiation of inheritance/home, “their side right or wrong.”

Oneidophobia: dread of public disgrace, can paralyze, can galvinize.

Oslo Intifada: war begun by Palestinians who treated Oslo Process as Trojan Horse.

    Oslo Jihad: first major successful campaign of Caliphater global Jihad in 21st century.

    Oslo Logic: positive-sum logic of Oslo peace process, Land for Peace, *2SS

Palestinian Media Protocols Compliance (PMPC): measures WMSNM’s adherence to Palestinian lethal narratives

Pallywood/Hizbollywood/Fauxtography: staged lethal narratives for *WMSNM use purveying Israel-Goliath/Palestinian-Victim frame.

Paradigms: conceptual frameworks to understand Islam/West, Arab/Israeli conflicts.

     Shame-Honor Jihad P (SHJP): triumphalist, honor through global conquest.

    Politically Correct P (PCP1): *underdogma, Palestinian/Muslim as victim
    Post-colonial P (PCP2): Whites worst imperialists; must atone. Israel is white squared.

Peace Journalism: emphasize the positive developments, downplay negative, encourage own side to trust other side.

PoMo-PoCo: Post-modern, post-colonial; combination weaponized against West. See GPL, Active Transformative/Cataclysmic apocalyptic, MOC.

Praeparatio Caliphatae: play on Eusebius’ notion of the Roman empire as a vehicle for Gospels. *Globalization, *Global Caliphate.

Prime Directive: StarTrek: Don’t interfere. 21st C: Don’t piss Muslims off. *Proleptic Dhimmitude

Prime Divider Societies: fundamental cultural divide between elite and commoners. *Zero-Sum Shame-Honor; Cf: Demotic/Civil Polities, DGP

Propaganda: manipulate opinion to accept what, better informed, one would reject.

Public sphere: arena for discussion of matters of public interest. See: *MSNM, *WMSNM, *Information Professionals

rekaB Street (“Baker” backwards): analysts who ignore clues, dismiss key evidence.  *Proleptic Dhimmi, *ASSO21C, *Own-Goal War Journalism

Religiosity: a style of living one’s religious beliefs in the social world.

    Demotic Religiosity: egalitarian, treats all with dignity.

    Triumphalist Religiosity: hierarchical, treats unbelievers with contempt

Replacement Theology: monotheist claim to replace predecessors as chosen of God

    Secular Replacement Theology (SRC): GPL values have replaced religion

Supersessionism: claim to “sit on top” (supersedeo) of predecessor.    *Triumphalist Religiosity, *Zero-Sum Games, *Dhimmitude

Schadenfreude: The pleasure one takes in the suffering of another, malevolent envy.

    Moral Schadenfreude: pleasure in another’s loss of moral “high ground.”

Self-criticism: ability to both generate self-criticism and hear criticism from others. *MOS.

Semiotic Arousal: readily seeing signs and meaningful patterns in data/events.

     Semiotic Promiscuity: anything means anything. *Eisogesis *Moral Equivalence

Shame Murders: murder of family member (women) driven by peer-enforced shame.

Shame-Honor culture (SHC): shedding blood preserves or restores honor. *Zero-Sum Games, *Prime Divider Society; Cf: *DGC, *Civil Society

Social Game theory: emotional aspects of zero-sum and positive-sum game-playing.

    Zero-Sum games: one side wins, other loses; one only wins if others lose. *Lethal Narratives, *Triumphalism, *HSJP, *Schadenfreude

    Positive-Sum games: win-win; voluntaristic; based on trust/ trustworthiness

   Negative-Sum games: lose-lose; if losing 0-sum… make everyone miserable.

Strong-Horse Politics: seek out the strongest most ruthless player, join in his dominion. *Prime Divider Society, *HSJP, *Zero-Sum Games

Triumphalist religiosity: “Our God True God because we rule.” Our dominion proves our Religion the True one. See: *Replacement Theology, *Supersessionism, *Dominating Imperative

    Muslim triumphalism: Destiny of Islam to rule over mankind.

Two-State Solution (2SS): “land for peace”, positive-sum resolution to Palestinian-Israeli conflict. *Oslo Logic, *Y2KMind

Verbal Vegetarians: speech of conflict-averse Westerners avoiding confrontations especially with Muslims. *Triumphalism *Proleptic Dhimmitide.

Victimology: study of victims, impact of victim experience on their behavior. *Demopaths and their Dupes, *MOS, *MoPreMoS&PoMoM,

Y2K: Year 2000, computer bug problem.

    Y2KCompliant: capable of handling switch to 2000 (computers); capable of tolerating others in global millennium (religion)

    Y2KMind: insisting Palestinians ready for Oslo Logic no matter how they behave.

    Y2K Logic: Since 2SS only fair solution, Palestinians/Muslims will, under right circumstances, accept a positive-sum deal. *LCE, *Demopaths and their Dupes, *Oslo Jihad

Y6K: Year 6000 since biblical “Creation”, advent of the sabbatical millennium = 500 CE (Hippolytus), 801 (Eusebius), 1996 (Ussher), 2048 (Bede), 2240 (Rabbinic)

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