August 18, 2018

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08/17 Links Pt1: The Jewish State Declares Itself a Jewish State; Trump, Putin agree on getting Iran out of Syria; Palestinians use indications of media affiliation to protect themselves during terrorist attacks

August 17, 2018 Ian Ian: The Jewish State Declares Itself a Jewish State Israel’s more mainstream left, and the major Jewish organizations who criticized the bill, do say they support Israel as a Jewish state. Livni and others […]

Jordanian calls for Jews to return to their countries

August 17, 2018 Ian There is only one word to describe the former Jordanian minister of culture Salah Jarrar: delusional. In his peace proposal, to compete with President Trump’s, he suggests that all Jews who came to Israel after […]

08/16 Links Pt2: Glick: Left Pushing Fake News to Smear Israel’s Nation-State Law; Europe’s War on Israel; Corbyn pictured with mastermind of Har Nof synagogue massacre

August 16, 2018 Ian Ian: Israel vs. BDS Brig.-Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser led the Israeli government’s efforts against the BDS movement until 2014. He now works for the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. He headed the research division […]

Iran discriminates against Jews and other minorities

August 16, 2018 Ian Iranwire report into how the Iranian regime discriminates against Zoroastrians, Jews and Christians. Zoroastrians and Christians are accused of proselytising and all minorities are subject to legal discrimination. Jews are not allowed to reprint […]

08/15 Links Pt1: Laws of Armed Conflict in Gaza; The truth about Israeli prisons: Singing and dancing; TV and books; Does Turkey Belong in the Future of NATO?

August 15, 2018 Ian Ian: Israel’s Top Military Strategist Talks War and Peace In all likelihood the next Israeli-Iranian confrontation will be a clash with Amidror’s half-threat: the Lebanese Shiite militant group Hezbollah, Iran’s most effective proxy in […]

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