March 24, 2019

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21-Mar-19: The Secretary of State is in Jerusalem

March 21, 2019 Ian Malki z”l Frimet Roth writes: Even on Purim, our most joyous holiday, our murdered daughter Malki is in our thoughts and our hearts ache with longing for her. Perhaps this photo of her dressed […]

Three Torah scrolls stolen from Iran synagogue

March 21, 2019 Ian As we celebrate Purim, the festival marking the salvation of Persia’s Jews from an evil tyrant, news has trickled out in the Jewish Journal of LA of a theft of Torah scrolls from a synagogue […]

03/20 Links Pt2: The Strange Alliance between Progressives and Islamists; Corbyn after ME trip: Britain ‘conceded to Zionist forces’; 9 in 10 French Jewish students suffer campus antisemitism

March 20, 2019 Ian Ian: The Strange Alliance between Progressives and Islamists While Islamists’ positions on homosexuality, the role of women, and religion would seem to place them on the American right, in fact politically involved American Muslims […]

03/20 Links Pt1: Kushner peace plan once urged huge Palestinian-Jordanian-Saudi land swap; The PA has chosen terrorism over US foreign aid; Oz PM pillories Erdogan for ‘vile’ Christchurch comments

March 20, 2019 Ian Ian: CAMERA Op-Ed: The Palestinian Authority has chosen terrorism over US foreign aid In March 2018, the U.S. Congress passed the Taylor Force Act, which proposed to halt American aid to the P.A. until […]

Jews of North Africa have their own Purim stories

March 20, 2019 Ian begins the festival of Purim. The original story took place in present-day Iran, but  Jews in North Africa had their modern-day celebrations of deliverance. Lyn Julius reports in Times of Israel:   The great festival […]

03/19 Links Pt2: An industry of antisemitism denial. The American anti-Zionists of Palestine Live; The Criminalization of Zionism; Remembering The Jew Who Died For Ilhan Omar.

March 19, 2019 Ian Ian: David Collier: An industry of antisemitism denial. The American anti-Zionists of Palestine Live I have just spent several dark weeks back inside Palestine Live. Today I publish a new report that focuses on […]

03/19 Links Pt1: Cruz, Military Experts Slam U.N. Report Suggesting Israel Committed War Crimes Responding to Gaza Border Riots; The Perpetrator of Sunday’s Terror Attack Was No Lone Wolf

March 19, 2019 Ian Ian: Lawfare Blog: Framing Israel: The UN Commission of Inquiry on the Spring 2018 Gaza Border Confrontations Unfortunately, loss of life became unavoidable even under these restrictive rules of engagement. However, the assumption that […]

The Democratic drift towards criminalising Zionism

March 19, 2019 Ian at the drift of the left of the US Democratic party towards anti-Zionism, Sarah Levin* warns in the Times of Israel  that it could soon lead to fully fledged antisemitism. She draws on the […]

03/18 Links Pt2: Pitzer College Disgraces Itself for BDS; Petition requests UNESCO to remove antisemitic Belgian "Carnival at Aalst" from Heritage list; Joe Lieberman says some Democrats are anti-Jewish, but party is not

March 18, 2019 Ian Ian: Pitzer College Disgraces Itself for BDS Last week, the council of Pitzer College—a liberal-arts school in Claremont, California—voted to end its study-abroad program with Haifa University. The college’s president has declared he will […]

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