September 25, 2018

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09/17 Links Pt2: Phillips: Dual loyalty taunt? Israel slandered? So what’s new?; The Palestinian Authority has already sent NIS 12,000 to the family of Ari Fuld’s murderer

September 17, 2018 Ian Ian: Melanie Phillips: Dual loyalty taunt? Israel slandered? So what’s new? Within hours of the Labour party giving its members wriggle room to defame Israel without any pushback, posters appeared on central London bus-shelters […]

09/17 Links Pt1: Glick: Ari Fuld, A Fighter for Israel in Life and Death; Mahmoud Abbas: Fresh American Blood on His Hands; Palestinians admit boy who died in border clash not killed by IDF fire

September 17, 2018 Ian Ian: Mahmoud Abbas: Fresh American Blood on His Hands In a speech before the PLO Executive Committee in Ramallah on September 15, Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas repeated the old libel that Israel […]

Hoary-headed Haters Harangue HSBC (video)

September 17, 2018 Ian Daphne Anson   Here are some more of those bourgeois silver-haired types who seem to proliferate among PSC branches in genteel parts of the UK.  This bunch are spending a nice sunny Saturday (15 […]

Tunisia names four streets after prominent Jews

September 17, 2018 Ian A Tunisian city where Islamist terrorists struck in 2015 has named four streets for local prominent Jews. The municipality of Sousse, a popular tourist resort, has announced that the streets, in the north of […]

09/15 Links: Ari Fuld, Israeli-American terror victim, ‘lived and died a hero’; Abbas, Jordan, to sue Israel for Jewish prayer on Temple Mount?; Journalist investigates denial of pivotal anti-Semitic murder in Paris

September 16, 2018 Ian Ian: PMW: Palestinian Teenage Murderers – The PA-Poisoned Generation The PA promotes teenage- terrorism and lauds teenage “Martyrs”:“The families of the Martyrs and their relatives find themselves proud of the Martyrdom that their children […]

The forgotten Palestinian refugees

September 16, 2018 Ian Nobody really knows how many Jews were forced to flee areas of Palestine that became Arab in the 1948 war. According to a new book on the subject, the number could be as high as […]

09/15 Links: Mayor Nir Barkat at Algemeiner Gala: Jerusalem Is Thriving; Belgium ends funding for Palestinian schools over honoring of terrorist; The true history of the Battle of Cable Street

September 16, 2018 Ian Ian: Algemeiner Reveals 5th Annual ‘J100’ List at Star-Studded Gala Featuring Sharon Stone and Nir Barkat The Algemeiner unveiled its 5th annual “J100” list of the top 100 people “positively influencing Jewish life” on […]

09/14 Links Pt2: Melanie Phillips: Demonizing Israel and the hijacking of language; Fatah mocks 9/11 in cartoon; David Collier: From boycotting Jews to attacking MPs, the bullying thuggery of BDS

September 14, 2018 Ian Ian: Melanie Phillips: Demonizing Israel and the hijacking of language Some may say this is merely to hijack the language in the opposite direction. Not so. This is using it to express truths backed […]

Fund allocation reflects Arab-Israeli conflict

September 14, 2018 Ian After 1948, the US invested funds in a mini-Marshall plan for the Middle East. But while Israel spent the money on housing projects and infrastructure to rehabilitate the Jewish refugees from Arab lands, the Arab […]

09/14 Links Pt1: Glick: Ending the Palestinians Exception; The real story behind the Jahalin Bedouin in Khan al Ahmar; Poll: Most Palestinians Reject Trump Peace Plan Without Seeing It

September 14, 2018 Ian Ian: Caroline Glick: Ending the Palestinians Exception When Rosh Hashanah ended on Tuesday evening, Jews discovered that over the holiday, the Trump administration had enacted two policies – one foreign and one domestic – […]

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