September 25, 2020

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Hezbollah implicitly threatened Israel with a Beirut-style explosion only a week ago

Many have noted Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah’s 2016 speech where he threatened to shoot missiles at the “ammonia” tanks in Haifa which would be the equivalent, he said, of a nuclear bomb explosion.


Hezbollah’s Al Manar newspaper reiterated that threat only a week ago.

On July 30, it had an article about how Israel is really weak and vulnerable and people are leaving Israel by the tens of thousands – and one of the reasons, it said, was Israeli worries about a Hezbollah attack on these same chemical facilities, as well as the Dimona nuclear reactor.

A mixture of intelligence failure and military panic is behind the unilateral clashes in northern occupied Palestine on the border with Lebanon. There is no need to address the details, because going to the shelters is no longer confined to the residents of the northern settlements. The  population of central Israel is also panicked, as the time bombs lying in [nuclear] energy production plants and ammonia tanks are sufficient alone in the event of war to cause massive destruction over an area of ​​1200 square kilometers, and the central settlements have become more dangerous to their residents than those at the borders.

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