September 23, 2023

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Wave of terrorism strikes Europe

December 19, 2016 Ziy0nadmin when we thought it was safe to go back in the water… A string of attacks took place this evening across Europe. First, in a shocking incident, the Russian Ambassador to Turkey was murdered […]

Palestinians even try to co-opt Jordan terror attack

December 19, 2016 Eldad Tzioni thing about Palestinian leaders and fans – there is nothing that they won’t try to co-opt for their cause. The latest example was the terror attack in Jordan that killed 10 on Sunday, including […]

These Legs Were Made for Walking (video)

December 19, 2016 Ian Daphne Anson   While fanatics fume, football fans (mostly) walk on by.  Another glimpse (courtesy of arch-BDSer Alex Seymour) of those “Kick Israel out of FIFA” types, this time during the match between Crystal […]

Jews had to prove their loyalty to Turkey

December 19, 2016 Ian The restored Edirne synagogue  Following the Spanish Inquisition of 1492, the Ottoman sultan extended a warm welcome to Jews and permitted them to settle in his empire. But the honeymoon period was brief, and […]