September 30, 2022

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Palestinians even try to co-opt Jordan terror attack

One thing about Palestinian leaders and fans – there is nothing that they won’t try to co-opt for their cause.

The latest example was the terror attack in Jordan that killed 10 on Sunday, including a Canadian tourist.

Fatah leader Raafat Alian pretended to condemn it – and then tried to make it all about Palestinians.

He said that “the Palestinian people are exposed to the same terrorism on a daily basis from the Israeli government, which kills our people and desecrates our holy places and burns our trees and confiscates our land and exercises the most heinous crimes against the unarmed Palestinian people, who are asking for freedom and self-determination.”

He went on to say that “the Israeli occupation is terrorism planted in the Middle East and the fight against terrorism begins first by fighting the Israeli occupation to stop its violations against the Palestinian people and the full withdrawal from the Palestinian territories.”

Gee, he sounds like he cares about Jordanian victims of terror so much, doesn’t he?

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