June 1, 2020

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Oh, Brother!

June 20, 2019 Ian

http://daphneanson.blogspot.com/2019/06/oh-brother.htmlBy Daphne Anson   A look at the radical agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHJ7imYzvgk

06/20 Links Pt2: Gil Troy: The real Birthright: Inheriting our Jewish story; UNESCO has distorted the history of the Jewish people; Pres. Rivlin: Left Hides Anti-Semitism Behind Anti-Zionism

June 20, 2019 Ian

http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2019/06/0620-links-pt2-gil-troy-real-birthright.htmlFrom Ian: Gil Troy: The real Birthright: Inheriting our Jewish story Yet, despite all this, despite Birthright’s hall-of-fame high educational batting average, 13 frauds who essentially stole spots from others and came on trips last […]

06/20 Links Pt1: Col. Kemp: The West must call Iran’s bluff or face the devastating consequences; Shin Bet thwarts an attempted spy operation by Iran; NYT’s Asks Israel ‘Have You Stopped Beating Your Wife’

June 20, 2019 Ian

http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2019/06/0620-links-pt1-col-kemp-west-must-call.htmlFrom Ian: Col Kemp: The West must call Iran’s bluff or face the devastating consequences Neither the US nor Iran wants war. President Trump was elected partly on a platform that sought to end long-running […]

Jewish refugees debated for first time in UK parliament

June 20, 2019 Ian

http://jewishrefugees.blogspot.com/2019/06/jewish-refugees-debated-for-first-time.htmlFor the first time, the issue of Jewish refugees  from the Middle East and North Africa was debated on 19 June in the UK Parliament. The hour-long debate in Westminster Hall, secured by MP Theresa […]

The Department of Anti-Israel Studies

June 20, 2019 Ziy0nadmin

http://abuyehuda.com/2019/06/the-department-of-anti-israel-studies/I met Prof. Cary Nelson on Monday. Nelson, Emeritus Professor of English at the University of Illinois, is former president of the American Association of University Professors, and the author of many books and articles […]

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