November 26, 2022

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05/09 Links Pt2: With flags unfurled, jets overhead, and grills galore, Israel marks 71 years; Why Progressive Anti-Semitism — and Why Now?; Soviet Anti-Zionism and Contemporary Left Antisemitism

May 9, 2019 Ian Ian: With flags unfurled, jets overhead, and grills galore, Israel marks 71 years Hundreds of thousands of Israelis were flocking to beaches and parks, lighting grills, waving flags and craning their necks for a […]

Sephardim pioneered the return to Zion

May 9, 2019 Ian is a common misunderstanding that Zionism was a 19th century movement pioneered largely in Europe by secular Jews. In fact Sephardim pioneered the return to the Land of Israel centuries before, and Zionism is  […]

Hyenas join the Zionist Attack Zoo

May 9, 2019 Eldad Tzioni’s been a while since I added a new animal to the Zionist Attack Zoo, but Palestinian propaganda is nothing if not creative. From Stop The Wall (h/t Israellycool): The Israeli occupation forces together with […]

EoZ Yom HaAtzmaut lecture (Kew Gardens Synagogue)

May 9, 2019 Eldad Tzioni night I gave a Yom HaAtzmaut lecture in Kew Gardens Synagogue in Queens. Titled “Bazman Hazeh – Miracles of Modern Israel,” I discuss various improbable things that have happened since the mid-1800s that led […]

They want to win. Do we?

May 9, 2019 Ziy0nadmin this week I wrote a long article explaining why dealing with Gaza is such a difficult task, and describing a solution in general terms (short answer: a massive blow to force Hamas to disarm, […]

Iraqi Jew:’ Israel is the only country we have’

May 9, 2019 Ian Israelis celebrate their country’s independence day, Yom Ha-atzma’ut. Here is a pertinent and moving story by Sarah Ansbacher, who manages the Aden Jewish Heritage Museum: In these hours as we transition from the somberness […]

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