August 4, 2020

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Which is worse: Israeli prison or your college dorm?

July 30, 2020 Eldad Tzioni Levi reports for Walla News. He tweeted a video from Ofer Prison, presumably from an illegal mobile phone, that ended up on TikTok: The person with the grapes is Akram Hamed, the Fatah spokesman […]

Tisha B’Av, atheism and Seth Rogen

July 30, 2020 Eldad Tzioni There has already been a lot written about Seth Rogen’s interview on Marc Maron’s podcast, but I want to focus on a section that isn’t getting as much attention: I don’t understand. To me […]

Israel is not a European colony

July 30, 2020 Ian Sufi PhD is a pro-Israel Australian intellectual with a keen interest in the Middle East. In this Times of Israel blog, he cautions against using the argument that Israel cannot be an outpost of […]

Tisha B’Av 5780 – 2020

July 30, 2020 Ziy0nadmin B’Av, the 9th day of Av began last night at sundown and finishing at sundown tonight. Tisha Be’Av is the saddest day in the Jewish calendar. As I wrote in a previous Tisha Be’Av […]

Incident at Har Dov

July 30, 2020 Ziy0nadmin Monday there was a “security incident” on our northern border. I am not going to try to explain it, because I have no idea of what actually happened. First reports were that Hezbollah fighters […]

Have an easy and meaningful fast

July 29, 2020 Eldad Tzioni will not be blogging or tweeting Wednesday night and Thursday until after 1 PM EDT in observance of Tisha B’Av. May this be the last year that Tisha B’Av is a fast day. We […]

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