November 22, 2019

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05/14 Links Pt2: The Privileged Palestinian "Refugees"; When Will the Palestinians Start Holding Hamas Accountable?; Who gains from burning Gaza’s only fuel pipelines?

May 14, 2018 Ian Ian: 52 Palestinians said killed, including terror operatives, in Gaza border riots Fifty-two Palestinians were killed Monday in violent clashes with Israeli forces along the Gaza Strip’s border with Israel, Palestinians said, in a […]

Pragmatic Victories (Divest This!)

May 14, 2018 Eldad Tzioni A few years back, I talked about a branch of philosophy called Pragmatism, the only major philosophical school of thought to cross from the US to Europe, in the context of this analysis of […]

Don’t tell me to “stay safe” (Forest Rain)

May 14, 2018 Eldad Tzioni Don’t tell me to “stay safe” Don’t. Just don’t. Sometimes kindly meant words are the worst. On May 8th Trump pulled out of the disastrous Iran Deal. Almost immediately afterwards Israeli citizens were warned […]

Jewish refugees: the counterpart to Palestinian refugees

May 14, 2018 Ian 14th May, the anniversary of Israel’s Declaration of Independence, is traditionally a day when articles appear in the press lamenting the plight of the Palestinian Refugees. You will struggle to find any mention of […]

Gaza rioters burn the access routes to their aid

May 14, 2018 Ziy0nadmin week Hamas-sponsored rioters on the Gaza border burned their own aid. This weekend those “peaceful protestors” who only want to murder Israelis and claim victimhood burned the border crossing terminal where the humanitarian aid […]

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