December 15, 2018

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Chag Same’ach! Yom Yerushalayim 5778 – 2018

May 13, 2018 Ziy0nadmin Yerushalayim, Jerusalem Day, the anniversary of Israel’s miraculous win over combined Arab forces in 1967, began last night (Saturday night) with festive prayer services in synagogues around the country. This year we mark the […]

05/13 Links: After Eurovision win, Jerusalem gears up to strut it’s stuff on world stage; How Much Effect Does BDS Have? Netta’s Eurovision Results Say None; Ambassadors from Albania to Zambia to fete US embassy move

May 13, 2018 Ian Ian: After Eurovision win, Jerusalem gears up to strut stuff on world stage Netta Barzilai’s Eurovision win kicked off massive street parties in Tel Aviv Sunday morning, but next year it’s expected Jerusalem will […]

The Five Pillars of Palestinism

May 13, 2018 Ziy0nadmin really do have power, especially when they are held by tens of millions of people. Religions, for example, are constellations of ideas, and religion has been the source of countless wars, great art, music, […]

Another Mizrahi Eurovision winner: Netta Barzilai

May 13, 2018 Ian Mabrouk to Netta Barzilai, Israel’s winning contestant in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. From her surname, Netta is of Mizrahi origin. She is the latest of a string of Mizrahi entrants.  In 1978, Israel won  with […]