May 23, 2019

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Netta wins #Eurovision for Israel – and this video of Lisbon crowds dancing to her shows huge #BDSFail

From Times of Israel:

Israel won the Eurovision song contest for the first time in two decades Saturday as singer Netta Barzilai clucked and bucked her way to the top of the international song contest with women’s empowerment anthem “Toy.”

Backed up by three dancers, her trademark side buns featuring stripes of pink dyed hair to match her pink-and-black outfit, Barzilai busted her way through “Toy” on stage in Lisbon, Portugal, punctuating her singing with her trademark eye rolls and chicken dance moves.

“I’m so happy. Thank you so much for choosing difference. Thank you so much for accepting differences between us. Thank you for celebrating diversity. Thank you. I love my country. Next time in Jerusalem,” Barzilai told the watching world.

She then performed the song a second time.

Interviewed on Israel Kan TV, the state broadcaster, she said she looked forward to the world seeing “the Israeli carnival” when Jerusalem hosts the contest next year. People will see “how wonderful we are. What a vibe we have. Best people… the best place in the world.”

The hate-Israel crowd was very worried about this happening and campaigned hard to get people to vote against Netta.

The video of her victory is not available in the US, unfortunately, but this video of thousands of fans dancing to and singing along with her live performance outside the finals in Lisbon is exactly what the haters didn’t want to see – people celebrating music from Israel without a single mention of anything negative.

The BDS movement, above all, wants every mention of Israel anywhere to be associated with “apartheid” or “genocide” or whatever negative words they can dream up.

The Lisbon crowd shows that despite years of efforts, all the haters combined cannot compete with a single talented Israeli woman.

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