March 8, 2021

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04/24 Links Pt1: Israel Survives Because of an Iron Will and an Iron Wall; Fatah kids camp after terrorist responsible for murder of 125 Israelis; How Hamas exploits the people of Gaza

April 24, 2018 Ian Ian: Israel Survives Because of an Iron Will and an Iron Wall In the run-up to this week’s 70th anniversary of Israel’s independence, Israeli Defense Forces chief of Staff General Gabi Eisenkot pronounced the […]

Palestinians oppose equal rights for Jews by a 2-1 margin

April 24, 2018 Ian Destroyed Neve Dekalim synagogue in Gaza, 2005 Here’s another gem from the PCPSR poll taken of Palestinians last month. Q: If reaching a peace agreement that leads to the creation of a Palestinian stateside […]

Pro-Palestinians dumbstruck by Jewish refugee event

April 24, 2018 Ian was an extraordinary sight testifying to the effectiveness of Dumisani Washington’s Mizrahi Project:  pro-Palestinian activists were visibly moved by what they saw and heard at a ‘Night to Honor Israel’, as Jews from Arab […]