April 12, 2021

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Palestinians oppose equal rights for Jews by a 2-1 margin

Destroyed Neve Dekalim synagogue in Gaza, 2005

Here’s another gem from the PCPSR poll taken of Palestinians last month.

Q: If reaching a peace agreement that leads to the creation of a Palestinian state
side by side with the state of Israel requires allowing Israeli Jews to live in the
Palestinian state either as citizens or as residents while enjoying the same rights
and duties enjoyed by Palestinian Christians and Muslims
, would by support or
oppose that?

62.6% oppose equal rights for Jewish citizens in a Palestinian state, and only 30.6% support.
Even though the question calls them “Israeli Jews,” they are obviously no longer Israeli if they are citizens, so this means that Palestinians overwhelmingly oppose equal rights for Jews in their state.
If Jews said the same thing about Arab Israelis, no matter how it was worded, Haaretz would lead the world media in breast-beating about Israeli racism. 
But Palestinian racism and antisemitism isn’t exceptional, it is expected. 
So it is unreported.

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