July 15, 2020

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Passover and the freedom of the Jews (Forest Rain)

April 18, 2019 Eldad Tzioni

http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2019/04/passover-and-freedom-of-jews-forest-rain.html There are two kinds of people who hate strong Jews: your run-of-the-mill Jew haters (classical antisemites) and colonized Jews. 2000 years of living as unwelcome guests in other people’s lands have taken a toll […]

US law seeks to preserve MENA Jewish heritage

April 18, 2019 Ian

http://jewishrefugees.blogspot.com/2019/04/us-law-seeks-to-preserve-mena-jewish.htmlAccording to the Jerusalem Post, new legislation has been proposed  in the US Congress to extend the jurisdiction of a Commission charged with preserving ‘American’ heritage abroad to include the Middle East and North Africa. […]