December 14, 2018

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18 groups petition Pompeo not to restrict import of Jewish items

December 14, 2018 Ian groups representing Jews from Arab Countries have joined JIMENA the San Francisco-based nonprofit that promotes Jewish culture of the Middle East and North Africa,  to co-sign letter urging Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to […]

Not such Good News Friday

December 14, 2018 Ziy0nadmin bad news keeps on coming and I am simply not in the mood for a Good News Friday post. This morning another soldier was very seriously injured in Bet El, not far from the […]

12/13 Links Pt2: When Anti-Zionism Tunnels Under Your House; Shapiro: The ‘International Community’ Isn’t A Community. It’s A Rogue’s Gallery; The Women’s March Story They Don’t Want You to See

December 13, 2018 Ian Ian: Bret Stephens: When Anti-Zionism Tunnels Under Your House In 2002, Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary-general of Hezbollah, was said to have given a speech noting that the creation of the state of Israel had […]

On Corbyn, Maté, Useful Infidels and Yidiots

December 13, 2018 Richard Landes response to one of my tweets, a friend wrote: Yikes! A fuller exposition by you here would be welcome and persuasive.  While twitter is a fave with our current President, it is not really […]

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