November 30, 2021

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12/12 Links Pt2: Finding the Good in Anti-Semites; Don’t overlook anti-Semitism cloaked in progressive values; Nick Cave: Boycotting Israel is ‘cowardly and shameful’

December 12, 2018 Ian Ian: Finding the Good in Anti-Semites Critics of Israel like to claim that Zionists can’t tolerate criticism of Israel. Supporters of the Jewish state, the argument goes, dismiss any condemnation of Israeli policy as […]

11 in Pittsburgh and the Baby from Ofra (Judean Rose)

December 12, 2018 Eldad Tzioni The Arab gunman raised his gun to the car window as the vehicle neared the bus stop and taking aim, shot that pregnant Jewess in the stomach first. “Good,” he thought, spraying the woman’s […]

Tunisian-Jewish minister of tourism provokes protests

December 12, 2018 Ian was perhaps inevitable that the appointment of Rene Trabelsi as Tunisian minister of Tourism should have provoked street protests. The so-called ‘moderate’ Ennahda-led government is Islamist, but Jewish tourism to the island of Djerba […]

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