March 26, 2019

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The Real Nakba: Jacoby on the Jewish exodus

May 29, 2018 Ian the flurry of articles published on or around 14 May, the anniversary of  the Palestinian Nakba, Jeff Jacoby’s article for the Boston Globe stands out – it is one of the few that focuses […]

Prelude to a fisking: Biblio of Responses to Maher-Affleck dustup

May 29, 2018 Richard Landes am preparing to treat this incident on the Maher-Harris-Affleck-Kristof dust-up on Maher’s show from October 2014, in my book: They’re so Smart/Deadly because We’re so Stupid. I discuss this in terms of Affleck’s performance. Now, given […]

05/28 Links Pt1: Explosive-laden Gazan drone found in southern Israel; Feckless West can’t keep falling for Hamas propaganda; Labor MK: Annex the West Bank until Palestinian ‘Mandela’ arrives

May 28, 2018 Ian Ian: Amb. Alan Baker: Did Israel Use “Disproportionate Force” to Protect the Gaza Fence? The Gaza border clash was not a situation of armed conflict, nor had it anything to do with the laws […]

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