March 6, 2021

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The real meaning of “Never Again” (Vic Rosenthal)

September 28, 2017 Eldad Tzioni  Vic Rosenthal’s Weekly Column So we’ve had another murderous terror attack. It happened when Border Police officer Solomon Gavriya (20), private security guards Youssef Ottman (25) and Or Arish (25), and community security team leader […]

Some Iraqis calling for closer relations with Israel

September 28, 2017 Eldad Tzioni reports: Some Iraqis are calling for closer relations with Israel, feeling a common bond of past persecution and a desire for peace and stability. Many people might find two factors cited in this change […]

Return archive to Israel, says MK Berko

September 28, 2017 Ian Israeli parliamentarian has called for the Iraqi-Jewish archives to be sent to the Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center at Or Yehuda, Israel. MK Anat Berko: her parents escaped Iraq Knesset member  Dr. Anat Berko  sent a […]

‘The Word "Jew" is a Common Insult in Norway Today’ (video)

September 28, 2017 Ian Daphne Anson   I’ve stumbled across this video from earlier this year, on Jews in Norway, which I think deserves a look. ‘TV 2 Norway investigate Norwegian anti-Semitism. The word “Jew” is a common […]