January 26, 2020

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Shmuel Moreh, guardian of Iraq’s Jewish memory, dies

September 23, 2017 Ian

http://jewishrefugees.blogspot.com/2017/09/shmuel-moreh-guardian-of-iraqs-jewish.htmlIraqi Jews in Israel and abroad are mourning the death, on the second day of the Jewish New Year, of Professor Shmuel Moreh, 85, emeritus professor of Arabic Language and Literature at the Hebrew University […]

As usual, Bibi Rocks!

September 23, 2017 Ian

http://daphneanson.blogspot.com/2017/09/as-usual-bibi-rocks.htmlBy Daphne Anson   The transcript to Bibi Netanyahu’s awesome pre-Rosh Hashana speech to the UN can be read here But why go to the transcript, when you can see and hear the man himself? […]