May 30, 2020

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Moroccan Jews receive Holocaust reparations

April 26, 2017 Ian More than 43,000 Moroccan Jews have received reparations as Holocaust survivors. The main reason was that they were forced back into the Mellahs of Moroccan cities. But the Jews were also subject to discriminatory quotas […]

The Brazen Lies of the German FM

April 26, 2017 Eldad Tzioni Just three days after Israel’s Holocaust Memorial Day, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel refused to abstain from meeting, at the Prime Minister of Israel’s request, with so-called “human rights” organizations dedicated to the destruction […]

Invest in BDS-banned companies and make LOTS of money!

April 26, 2017 Eldad Tzioni, Caterpillar announced much better results than expected and its stock price rose by nearly 8%. I half-jokingly tweeted that a smart investor would look carefully at any company that the anti-Israel idiots want to […]

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