December 7, 2019

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The Brazen Lies of the German FM
Sigmar Gabriel
Just three days after Israel’s Holocaust Memorial Day, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel refused to abstain from meeting, at the Prime Minister of Israel’s request, with so-called “human rights” organizations dedicated to the destruction of the State of Israel. Of course, you’d never know this from reading the news. News reporters are smart, you see. They wait and take their cues from their guy.

And since anyone who is pro-Israel is not their guy (for instance, the Prime Minister of Israel), in this case their guy by default is German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel.

Gabriel issued a statement and BOOM. Just like that, all the outlets had their lead. The statement read (emphasis added):

“Imagine if the Israeli Prime Minister, who is also foreign minister, came to Germany and wanted to meet people critical of the government and we would say: ‘No, this is not possible’.
“Doing that, and therefore cancelling our meetings, would be unthinkable. It works both ways.”

The German Foreign Minister makes it sound as if Israel is trying to rob him of his freedoms. Like we’re a repressive government that doesn’t allow for a difference of opinion. Like Israel is not a democracy.

Well, the media took its cue from this mischaracterization and Wapo’s lead, for instance, reads (emphasis added), Israel’s Netanyahu snubs German foreign minister for meeting activists critical of government, and the Jerusalem Post’s lead said, Netanyahu Nixes Meeting With German FM Over NGO Critical Of IDF. People who read these articles would naturally think that Netanyahu wanted Gabriel to abstain from meeting with these organizations because they are critical of the government or of the IDF.

This is a lie. It’s a brazen lie that a German has no right to make in the days following the day on which we remember the 6 million of MY people HIS people systematically gassed and incinerated. 
How dare this man misrepresent us as a repressive, totalitarian country! It’s appalling.

Of course, there’s nothing new under the sun. Menachem Begin had the number of people like Gabriel way back when.

Almost as bad as the articles that suggest that Israel bans legitimate criticism are those that refer to PM Netanyahu’s warning as a “snub” (except for the Wapo piece listed above, which did both)! Outlets referring to Netanyahu’s warning as a snub (other than Wapo) include the Times of Israel, the Guardian, Yahoo News, and the Telegraph.

But it was not a snub. It was a warning. It was Bibi, as the representative of the Jewish State, saying to a representative of Germany: if you insist on meeting those bent on our destruction, I won’t meet with you.

This was a brave stance for Bibi to take (how often do we defend ourselves like this????) and it  makes me glad I voted for him, when there are so many other days on which I regret that vote.

Other outlets called what happened a “spat” as if that were somehow more evenhanded: just two crazy kids fighting in the sandbox. Which is a blatant misrepresentation of what happened here which is this: the German FM insisted on meeting with people bent on Israel’s destruction and so Israel’s official representatives saw no point in meeting with him.

Who called it a “spat?” The Toronto Star, SFGate, McClatchy, and EuroNews.

We already know the end of this story, or at least some of it. Gabriel went ahead and met with all those organizations bent on Israel’s destruction. We just don’t have the names of all the organizations involved.

The reason? The organizations locked the press out of the “briefing” (which some may prefer to call an “indoctrination”). We do know that B’tselem and Breaking the Silence were two of the organizations taking part in this meeting, thanks to the Times of Israel.

A “spat.” Just two crazy kids fighting in the sandbox

Now these two organizations, Breaking the Silence and B’tselem, are not merely critical of Israel. If they were, no one would have a problem with them or with a German minister meeting with them. These organizations have an agenda and that agenda is to destroy the Jewish State. We know this because of the way they operate and the lies they tell. Here is an excerpt of NGO Monitor’s findings regarding the activities of Breaking the Silence:

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