August 14, 2018

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No hope for slanderers

April 17, 2017 Ziy0nadmin…ולמלשינים אל תהי תקווה וכל הרשעה כרגע יאבדו “Let there be no hope for slanderers (מלשינים, transliterated “malshinim”) and may all wickedness perish in an instant…” [tr. Artscroll with minor changes] That is the beginning […]

Houthis ‘ethnically cleansing’ last Yemeni Jews

April 17, 2017 Ian words from a Yemeni minister: the country’s last 40 Jews are viewed as an enemy to be ‘ethnically cleansed.’ The Times of Israel quotes an Israel Radio report (with thanks: Lily): The last Jews of […]