February 28, 2021

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A Picture Paints 1000 Words

February 20, 2017 Ian

http://daphneanson.blogspot.com/2017/02/a-picture-paints-1000-words.htmlBy Daphne Anson   I can’t resist sharing this one: (Hat tip D.S.)

3,443 Palestinians killed in Syria so far

February 20, 2017 Eldad Tzioni

http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2017/02/3443-palestinians-killed-in-syria-so-far.html The latest statistics from the Action Group for Palestinians from Syria say: – At least 3,443 Palestinians, including 455 women, were killed in war-torn Syria.– 1,164 Palestinian refugees, including 83 women, are incarcerated in […]

North of the Border, Up Montreal Way (video)

February 20, 2017 Ian

http://daphneanson.blogspot.com/2017/02/north-of-border-up-montreal-way-video.htmlBy Daphne Anson   “Destroy the accursed Jews! … Allah, kill them one by one … Grant victory to our brothers waging jihad in Palestine …” Here’s one of those barmy Olde Tyme preachers, spewing […]

Bensoussan trial divides French thinkers

February 20, 2017 Ian

http://jewishrefugees.blogspot.com/2017/02/bensoussan-trial-divides-french-thinkers.htmlFrance continues to be hit by fall-out from the trial of  Georges Bensoussan for ‘incitement to hatred’: public intellectual Alain Finkielkraut has resigned from LICRA –  one of the groups backing Bensoussan’s prosecution for saying […]

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