April 12, 2021

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3,443 Palestinians killed in Syria so far


The latest statistics from the Action Group for Palestinians from Syria say:

– At least 3,443 Palestinians, including 455 women, were killed in war-torn Syria.
– 1,164 Palestinian refugees, including 83 women, are incarcerated in Syrian government lock-ups.
– Yarmouk refugee camp has been blockaded by the Syrian regime army and Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command (PFLP-GC) for 1,339 days in a row.
190 Palestinians died of undernourishment and medical neglect in the blockaded Yarmouk Camp.
– Over 79,000 Palestinian Syrian refugees fled to Europe until mid 2016.
– 31,000 Palestinians from Syria are housed in Lebanon.
– 17,000 Palestinians from Syria are taking refuge in Jordan.
– 6,000 Palestinian-Syrian refugees are sheltered in Egypt.
– 8,000 Palestinian-Syrian refugees are taking shelter in Turkey.
1,000 Palestinian-Syrian refugees are sheltered in the blockaded Gaza Strip. 

Of course, the media (as well as Arab media) reports very little about Palestinian victims in Syria. One of the reasons is that a Palestinian group, the PFLP-GC, is actively starving the Palestinians in Yarmouk! In fact they have fought anti-Assad Palestinian forces over the years

Of the 79,000 Syrians of Palestinian descent who have made it to Europe, I’m nearly certain that none of them have been taken off the UNRWA rolls. We already know that about 200,000 Palestinians from Lebanon have left, many to Europe, and UNRWA still counts them as “registered refugees.”

I have seen a few articles about Syrian Palestinians fleeing to Gaza, but I am still not sure how they got in. A few smuggled themselves in through tunnels during Morsi’s reign in Egypt, but certainly not a thousand. Perhaps when Egypt briefly opened the Rafah crossing in those days they came in from Egypt.

The numbers of Palestinians who fled to Jordan have stayed pretty static for the past couple of years. Apparently Jordan is not accepting more Palestinians from Syria.

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