August 13, 2022

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On Corbyn, Maté, Useful Infidels and Yidiots

In response to one of my tweets, a friend wrote:

Yikes! A fuller exposition by you here would be welcome and persuasive.  While twitter is a fave with our current President, it is not really useful for discussion, IMO (in my opinion).

this is grotesque, & weird in . 1 thing to be an uninformed idiot (the one-state solution=truer democracy), but a well-informed, , ? a dupe to ? “Israel, Not Corbyn, Is the Real Threat to the Jewish Left.

The article to which I referred was by Aaron Maté, and took Paul Berman to task for describing some of the current left as “characterized by an irrational hatred of Israel, a reflexive blame-America posture, and a blind eye to Islamist fanaticism.” Instead, Maté insisted, the real problem was Israel and her occupation.

In it, in addition to numerous dubious claims

No one has been able to disprove the conclusion of Labour’s internal review, which found that cases of anti-Semitism within the party’s ranks represent “less than 0.1 percent” of Labour’s members.

comes this whopper:

 And it is true that a one-state outcome would mean that Israel could no longer define itself as the state of the Jewish people, but instead as a state of its citizens, of any religion—in others words, a democratic one. On a moral level, I favor that outcome. How can I oppose democracy with equal rights for all?

The obvious response to that (tó which Maté hints) is that not only has no Arab country been able to sustain a democracy under the best of circumstances, but given the culture of genocide and child death cult that the Palestinians have developed and marketed about killing Israelis, insisting that Israel share the democratic system with a majority population of Palestinian Arabs is literally a recipe for the suicide of both a Jewish and a democratic state. Hence my reference of #Yidiocy, a recent coinage by Lynne Lechter denoting American Jews who are useful idiots.

To  long list of her descriptors of yidiots, I add, a yidiot is a Jewish member of the “Cult of the Occupation,” who thinks anything that puts an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land is so important, if it means joining with genocidal Palestinians who define “from the river to the sea” as “occupied,” then so much the better. People who go for this alliance (some of J-Street, all of Jewish Voice for Peace and #IfNotNow, are dupes of demopaths like Marwan Barghouti and the BDS crowd, who use the language of human rights to destroy (other people’s) human rights.


In that sense, Corbyn, with his warm support for Hamas and Hizbullah is a useful infidel idiot, and Maté, who is a Jewish supporter of Corbyn and considers fellow Jews who appreciate the threat to Israel as the real threat to the Jewish left, is a #Yidiot, and most probably into Proxy shame murder.

For a sense of just how widespread a mild form of this useful infidel idiocy, watch this:


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