March 5, 2021

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List of Contributors to BBC and CNN coverage of UNSC Res 2334 and Kerry’s Speech

The following are the journalists, in-house analysts, and invited guests from December 23-29, 2016 who participated in BBC Global and CNN International news.

*=adherent of “occupation paradigm” (ie Israeli settlements main obstacle to peace)

+=critical of Palestinians

(notations based on their remarks in this case, not on the rest of their work)

CNN journalists

  1. *Don Lemon
  2. *Elise Labott
  3. John Vause
  4. Jim Acosta 
  5. *John Berman
  6. *Michael Holmes
  7. *Jake Tapper
  8. *Jim Sciotto
  9. Rosemary Church
  10. Martin Savidge
  11. Kristie Stout
  12. Zain Asher
  13. *Michael Holmes
  14. *Oren Liebermann
  15. *Hala Gorani
  16. Pamela Brown
  17. *Eleni Giokos

CNN analysts

  1. *Stephen Collinson, CNN
  2. *Ron Brownstein, CNN political analyst
  3. *Josh Rogin
  4. Jackie Kucinich (CNN political analyst)
  5. +Errol Louis (CNN political commentator),
  6. *Douglas Brinkley, CNN;
  7. *Carl Bernstein CNN &
  8. *David Swerdlick CNN &
  9. *Symone Sanders CNN Commentator


  1. *Dave Jacobson (Democratic Strategist)
  2. +John Thomas (Thomas Partners Strategists)
  3. *Josh Lockman (USC Gould School of Law) [sounds like Obama spokesman, accuses Friedman of “trafficking in hate… islamophobia”]
  4. *David Aaron Miller. (7)
  5. Prof. Julian Zelizer, history Princeton U
  6. +David Drucker, Washington Examiner
  7. +Alice Stewart, Trump supporter
  8. *Jonathan Tasini, Democratic Strategist.
  9. *Martin Indyk
  10. +Michael Oren.
  11. David Gergen , former presidential adviser
  12. *Peter Beinart. (2)
  13. *Josh Rogin (2)
  14. +Gil Hoffman
  15. *Michael O’hanlon, Brookings Inst.
  16. David Andelman, World Policy Journal
  17. + Oded Revivi
  18. *Edward Djerejian (2)
  19. *David Rohde (Natl. Security Investigations Editor, Reuters),
  20. *Laura Rozen, diplomatic correspondent for Al Monitor, &
  21. *Jon Alterman, director of the ME program CSIS
  22. +former CIA Director James Woolsey
  23. *George Mitchell (2)
  24. *Daniel Kurtzer, former ambassador to Israel and Egypt & prof. of ME policy studies Princeton
  25. +Ryan Williams, Republican strategist, former spokesman for Mitt Romney
  26. *A. Scott Bolden, former chairman of the Democratic Party in Washington, D.C.
  27. *Hillary Mann Leverett, ME analyst.
  28. +Kayleigh McEnany, Trump supporter
  29. + Andre Bauer former Lt. Gov. South Carolina
  30. *Lucy DerTavitian (Pacifica Radio), Journalist.

BBC Correspondents

  1. Ben Bland (anchor)
  2. *Barbara Plett-Usher (DC correspondent)
  3. Geeta Guru-Murthy
  4. Lebo Diseko
  5. David Eades
  6. *Alan Johnston
  7. Yolande Knell (Jerusalem Correspondent)
  8. Reged Ahmad with
  9. Matthew Amroliwala
  10. *Peter Dobbie 
  11. *Tim Willcox


  1. *Khaled Elgindy, Brookings Inst.
  2. Jonathan Schanzer, Foundation for Defense of Democracies
  3. *Geoffrey Aronson, Middle East Institute
  4. *Prof. Guy Ziv, American U. Washington.
  5. *Hussein Ibish
  6. +James Jeffrey former ambassador for Bush to Turkey and Iraq.

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