October 24, 2020

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Leila Khaled in her own words


For the people who claim that Leila Khaled isn’t a terrorist, just listen to – Leila Khaled.

In her autobiography written in 1971 titled “My People Shall Live,” she mentions poems she wrote while in Syria after hijacking TWA 840.
I shall return repeatedly to
spread terror in the heart of the enemy.
I shall flag the enemy;
I shall pulverise him.
And why not? 
Be with me, my beloved, remember our martyrs,
remember the stolen lands.
Take all difficulties with steadfast revolutionary
In Damascus we indeed exploded the cockpit of the imperialist plane as an expression of our strategy, which aims at hitting the imperialist interests wherever they may be. The Popular Front will destroy the treasonous enemy-the enemy of humanity, right and justice. Blessed be the arms that carry out deeds and the revolutionary brains that conceive of deeds and plan them. We shall be victorious.

She described her feelings during the hijacking:
It was a momentous second in my life when I put my fingers on the trigger and ordered the enemy to obey my command. All my life I dreamt of carrying arms to aim at the enemy-that vengeful enemy who raped our land and has expropriated our homes without compensation.
The “enemy” here are the innocent passengers going to Israel from Rome.
THE PRINCIPAL FUNCTIONS OF EVERY MEMBER IN THE Popular Front are politically orientated military activities, the spreading of revolutionary propaganda and fund-raising. While these functions are often closely associated, none the less each comrade specialises in the area to which his or her talents are best suited.

No moral distinction between armed terror and the propaganda that the PFLP is so skilled at nowadays, hiding in “human rights” NGOs.

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