September 24, 2020

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"But What if the Strangers … Want to Turn Your Own Country into Egypt? "

By Daphne Anson


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Last evening I stumbled online across lovely footage from “the Swinging Sixties”.  Specifically it shows scenes of London in the summer of 1967.  Glimpses of Carnaby Street fashions, and the Portobello market, Biba, and much more. Bouffant-haired girls in their summer dresses, groovy guys with Beatles haircuts …

The footage has attracted many views, together with innumerable comments.  The general theme, from both older commenters and people who were not even born in the 1960s, is the way in which Britain has changed since that decade.

Yes, some  remark how great it is to see people actually looking where they are going rather than being glued to mobile phones, while others remark how better dressed people seemed to be back then, and how slim.

But by far the prevailing nostalgia focused on the comparative homogeneity of the population, and a strong Islamophobic thread weaves through the comments.

Shocking to behold, though not numerous, are comments blaming population diversity and mass immigration on “Jews” and “Zionist Jews”, with one avowedly “Asian” commenter joining in the antisemitism, and somebody adding obscenely that “the Jews” won the Second World War.

I felt like asking why, since mass Islamic migration, with what it portends at the ballot box and elsewhere, is hardly in the interests of Zionists and Jews, would any Jew want to encourage, much less engineer, it.  But then I figured that conspiracy theorists are incorrigible and best left alone.

Why encourage it, indeed?  There are plenty of Jews who realise that mass Muslim immigration is not in their interests, nor in those of the wider society. However,  Melanie Phillips, in an article concerning Israel’s new Nationality Law, wrote, inter alia, a few days ago:

‘Two utterly fundamental and seismic issues are threatening to tear apart Britain, Europe and America. They are mass immigration and national identity.

The majority of Jews in Britain and America are warmly disposed towards the former and terrified of the latter. They have got it precisely the wrong way round. 

Diaspora Jews have a Pavlovian response to immigration. This is entirely understandable: the vast majority, myself included, are the descendants of immigrants and refugees.

Jews are also commanded in the Torah not to wrong or oppress a stranger “for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.” But what if the strangers in question want to turn your own country into Egypt? 

For what’s happening today is not so much immigration as the mass movement of peoples from global south to north. 

If unchecked, this will transform the developed world, overwhelm its public infrastructure, and forever alter the culture and identity of its constituent nations.

…. Society has to pull together in pursuit of a common project or else it will disintegrate into warring tribes. That common project — based on a shared history, language, religion, institutions and traditions — is called a nation….’  [Emphasis added]

 The real unease here is surely over Israel asserting its national identity at all, just as most British Jews are uneasy about Britain asserting its own national identity.

But without it, democracy and political freedom in the West will die. And without their own acknowledgement that they are themselves a nation, diaspora Jews will also fade away.

The Jewish world will merely consist instead of the State of Israel — the one place where Judaism’s defining and indissoluble connection between the people, the religion and the land to form the Jewish nation really does have meaning.’

Meanwhile, for Spain as a new stepping stone for mass migration to Europe see here

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