June 4, 2020

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04/03 Link Pt2: Melanie Phillips: For Israel, recognising another enemy is second nature; Anti-Semitism and Israel Advocacy Matters Even More During Coronavirus; LATMA: The Coronavirus Song

April 3, 2020 Ian

http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2020/04/0403-link-pt2-melanie-phillips-for.htmlFrom Ian: Melanie Phillips: For Israel, recognising another enemy is second nature In mid-March, however, when Prime Minister Boris Johnson finally realized from the Italian death toll that Britain was heading for a similar catastrophe, […]

Saudi textbooks say Jews turned into "real monkeys"

April 3, 2020 Eldad Tzioni

http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2020/04/saudi-textbooks-say-jews-turned-into.htmlIMPACT-SE did a study of Saudi textbooks.  While they say that the textbooks are much less hateful than they were in 2017, they still have some pretty bad stuff. Here’s an excerpt showing both how […]

Egyptian Jews mark a different kind of Seder

April 3, 2020 Ian

http://jewishrefugees.blogspot.com/2020/04/egyptian-jews-marked-different-kind-of.html Seder el-Tawhid ceremony at the Ahaba ve Ahva congregation in the US in 2010. Video here Two weeks before Passover, Egyptian Jews hold an 800-year old special ceremony involving singing psalms and special readings. […]