May 30, 2020

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Employee uses Goldman Sachs name to promote Holocaust inversion on Quora

Most large companies have very specific policies against any employee giving the appearance of speaking on behalf of the company unless specifically authorized to. So while, for example, an employee is free to rant about abortion on message boards, he or she cannot associate themselves with their company in their posts. Doing so would imply that the company itself is behind these statements.

I would imagine that Goldman Sachs has a similar policy.

Meet Jameel Kassouri, a senior quantitative analyst at Goldman Sachs in London. He writes frequently on Quora about his opinions on the Middle East, opinions that are misinformed, biased and false.

And he does it while identifying himself as an executive at Goldman Sachs.

And then there’s this bit of antisemitism:

There is of course no shortage of ignorant people on Quora pretending to be experts. But when they attempt to give their opinions credibility by saying that they are a vice president at a major international financial institution, they are smearing the name of their company.

I don’t think Goldman Sachs would be happy to know how their name is being used.

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