May 30, 2020

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09/13 Links Pt2: Why Israelis have never forgotten their 9/11; Brooke Goldstein: Sanders, Warren, O’Rourke among Dems showing hostility to Israel; Polish judge called Jews a ‘despicable, filthy nation’

September 13, 2019 Ian Ian: Jonathan S. Tobin: Why Israelis have never forgotten their 9/11 On the 18th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, government officials and institutions throughout America commemorated the horror of that day. But […]

This week’s tweets that went unblogged

September 13, 2019 Eldad Tzioni Twitter audience has been increasing a lot lately. I have gained over 1000 followers in the past month alone. A sample of what you have been missing if you don’t follow EoZ on Twitter: […]

Shabbat Shalom

September 13, 2019 Ziy0nadmin’s been a horrible week for all kinds of reasons, but thank G-d Shabbat is approaching. I want to wish you all Shabbat Shalom and hope for a better week ahead. May we all have […]

Oxfam sued for supporting Hamas

September 13, 2019 Eldad Tzioni David Abrams of the Israel Advocacy Center has filed a lawsuit against Oxfam using a very interesting argument. The text of the suit says: Oxfam has received substantial USAID funding in recent years. In order […]

Sephardi weddings past and present in Izmir, Turkey

September 13, 2019 Ian A hearty besimantov to Beni and Veronica, who were married in Izmir in August 2019  These two Youtube videos give a fascinating insight into Sephardi wedding rituals practised by the Jewish community of Izmir, Turkey […]