May 31, 2020

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09/19 Links Pt2: David Collier: The Guardian – anti-Israel bias, more obsessive and vindictive than you think; Head of European Jewish Association: We’re not wanted here

September 19, 2019 Ian Ian: Is Israel Abandoning the Liberal Order? Robert Kagan Says Yes. He’s Wrong about Israel, and Wrong about the Liberal Order Considering Israel’s relationship to what he calls the liberal world order and the […]

09/19 Links Pt1: No Principles, No Dignity, No Power, No Deterrence; Updated tally shows Blue and White increase lead over Likud 33-31; Iran’s judo federation calls ban over Israel boycott policy ‘unfair’

September 19, 2019 Ian Ian: MEMRI: No Principles, No Dignity, No Power, No Deterrence The 9/14 attacks, correctly referred to by Secretary of State Michael Pompeo as “an act of war”, is a harsh humiliating blow dealt to […]

Arabs still dream of turning Mizrahi Jews against Israel

September 19, 2019 Eldad Tzioni Zaid Al-Fadeel, writing in Akhbar Ten, decries the failures of the Arab world to destroy Israel thus far. He lists missed opportunities, and failures of Arabs to cooperate with each other. His biggest regret, […]

19-Sep-19 Victims of a cognitive war: Who cares

September 19, 2019 Ian Nurses in a Gaza hospital [Image Source: Aljazeera] Associated Press reported last night on something that happens often – much more often than even attentive followers of events in the Arab vs Israel conflict […]

Jews desecrating Al Aqsa! As they always do!

September 19, 2019 Eldad Tzioni media never gets sick of showing Jews walking around peacefully on the Temple Mount and writing the most inflammatory text to accompany the pictures. This is from Masralarabia: Hours after the call of the […]

Moroccan article ridicules Israeli support for Amazighen

September 19, 2019 Ian World News has been poohpooh-ing an article in The Times of Israel about an Israeli called Martha Retthig who is giving financial support to an Amazigh (Berber) called Mohamed.  The implication is that the Zionists […]

Fool’s Gold in the Pink

September 19, 2019 Ian Daphne Anson   Well might Code Pink founder Medea (real name Susan) Benjamin look askance at co-director Ariel Gold. But whether she does is extremely unlikely.  After all, making spectacles of themselves and peddlinganti-Israel […]

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