June 23, 2021

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03/31 Links: Dershowitz: Trump Is Right about the Golan Heights; PA prioritizes salaries to terrorists over medical care for Palestinians; Shapiro: America Still Needs Athens and Jerusalem

March 31, 2019 Ian

http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2019/03/0331-links-dershowitz-trump-is-right.htmlFrom Ian: Alan M. Dershowitz: Trump Is Right about the Golan Heights I had the opportunity to discuss this issue with U.S. President Donald J. Trump two weeks before he announced his decision. I provided […]

Amazing Biblical archaeological finds in City of David

March 31, 2019 Eldad Tzioni

http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2019/03/amazing-biblical-archaeological-finds.html From Times of Israel: Two minuscule 2,600-year-old inscriptions recently uncovered in the City of David’s Givati Parking Lot excavation are vastly enlarging the understanding of ancient Jerusalem in the late 8th century. The two […]

The Nation-State Law under attack

March 31, 2019 Ziy0nadmin

http://abuyehuda.com/2019/03/the-nation-state-law-under-attack/Amos Schocken is the publisher of Ha’aretz, the employer of Gideon Levy and Amira Hass, of Rogel Alpher and B. Michael, and other writers who pour out their hatred of the Jewish state both in […]