September 18, 2020

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08/29 Links Pt2: Palestinian Leaders Bet Future on Trump Impeachment; The TIPH of the iceberg: Foreign occupation of Israel; Guardian op-ed defends the view that Israel has no right to exist.

August 29, 2018 Ian Ian: Palestinian Leaders Bet Future on Trump Impeachment Palestinian leaders are betting their future on President Donald Trump being impeached by Democrats following the mid-term elections, according to Arabic language comments by a senior […]

Are Settlements an Obstacle to Peace? (Judean Rose)

August 29, 2018 Eldad Tzioni Are Israeli settlements an obstacle to peace? Lots of people say so. Russia’s Mladenovsaid it. The EU’s Mogherinisaid it. And the UNhas said it again and again. By why would anyone think that Jews […]

08/29 Links Pt1: Rabbi Cooper: Palestinian leaders are the worst enemy of ordinary Palestinians; Is a Historic Decision on UNRWA Imminent?; Time to admit – the PA is a “Terror Sponsoring Entity”

August 29, 2018 Ian Ian: Rabbi Abraham Cooper: Palestinian leaders are the worst enemy of ordinary Palestinians And the U.N. itself should stop funding schools where the core curriculum is focused on teaching Palestinian children hatred of Jews […]

Turning the tables on our enemies

August 29, 2018 Ziy0nadmin’s been an interesting few weeks as the tables turn and turn again on our enemies. Remember how the Palestinians tried to get Israel thrown out of FIFA, the international football association, on the false […]

Tunisian play grapples with persecution of Jews

August 29, 2018 Ian Mediterranean Theatre festival taking place in the once-overwhelmingly Jewish resort of La Goulette in Tunisia is featuring what appears to be a thoughtful play on Jewish identity in the Arab world, blogger Elder of […]

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