September 18, 2020

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Musings on hearing a Persian wedding song

August 26, 2018 Ian Jews and non-Jews from the Persian city of Shiraz recite a wedding song unknown to other Iranians. It set Tabby Refael thinking about how age-old cultural traditions still survive in contemporary America. But for how […]

Comment on How Trump looks from here by Nancy B

August 26, 2018 Ziy0nadmin article and very prescient thoughts regarding the necessity and urgent need for Israel to tackle every one of the issues while President Trump is in the White House. The only thing that I would […]

Comment on How Trump looks from here by VarAway

August 26, 2018 Ziy0nadmin you for this article. I think you are a bit pessimistic about the chances for the Midterms in November and the elections in 2020. As I predicted the winning of DJT as the next […]

How Trump looks from here

August 26, 2018 Ziy0nadmin I returned to Israel about four years ago, I found that American politics seemed stranger and stranger to me. I thought it would be interesting to discuss how it looks from here, and what […]

08/25 Links: Caroline Glick: A conversation with John Bolton; NYTs Publishes a Rejection of Yossi Klein Halevi’s Plea for Reconciliation; Why Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘Zionist’ comments were racist

August 26, 2018 Ian Ian: US set to announce it rejects Palestinian ‘right of return’ — TV report The Trump Administration will announce in the next few days that it rejects the long-standing Palestinian demand for a “right […]