December 18, 2018

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03/19 Links Pt2: U.S. University Publishers Shun Book “Ending the Deir Yassin Myth”; Yoni’s Last Battle; Al Sharpton And Black Lives Matter Team Up For Pro-Farrakhan Protest

March 19, 2018 Ian Ian: Silencing History: U.S. University Publishers Shun Book “Ending the Deir Yassin Myth” Anti-Israel faculty reviewers worry the book will undermine the Palestinian narrative Why have American academic presses rejected a book manuscript by […]

The answer to racism is not a return to patriarchy

March 19, 2018 Ian the controversy created by the screening of a film alleging discrimination against Mizrahim resettled in Israel’s outlying development towns, this brilliant article by Ben-Dror Yemini in Ynet News says that racism demands distributive justice, […]

Reflections on my trip to Israel

March 19, 2018 Eldad Tzioni was some trip! Most of the attendees of #Digitell18 with the Minister of Strategic Affairs The main focus of the trip was the first Digitell conference, where I was honored to be invited with […]