May 26, 2020

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09/26 Links Pt2: Kontorovich: The Palestinians illegal ‘football war’ against Israel; Israel qualifies for its first-ever World Baseball Classic game

September 26, 2016 Ian Ian: Eugene Kontorovich: The Palestinians unsporting and illegal ‘football war’ against Israel Human Rights Watch published a long, graphics-rich report on Sunday denouncing Israeli semi-pro soccer (football) clubs in towns in the West Bank. […]

Manal Tamimi: Still proud to showcase her hate on Twitter

September 26, 2016 Eldad Tzioni Tamimi: Still proud to showcase her hate on Twitter Petra Marquardt-Bigman When I first documented Manal Tamimi’s hate-filled views under the title “Screaming hate on Twitter” a year ago, Manal Tamimi reacted with defiant […]

Aleppo-born Israelis ‘pained’ at city’s destruction

September 26, 2016 Ian Israelis from war-torn Aleppo share their memories with Ynet News. They find reports of the loss of life and destruction of places they knew as children painful. But they must also feel relief to […]