November 30, 2021

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Surprise! Stabbing Jews tends to hurt tourism

May 31, 2016 Ian The Movenpick Ramallah hotel From Wafa: An estimated 80,228 guests stayed in West Bank hotels in the first quarter of 2016, marking a drop by 32% from the previous quarter and 20% lower than […]

Guggenheim Museum hiding bias behind freedom of expression

May 31, 2016 Ian After my articles about the Guggenheim Museum’s blog post that was filled with lies and half-truths about Israel, and its hypocrisy at claiming Israel is engaging in censorship of art while it is building […]

EOZ coming to Israel!

May 31, 2016 Ian Elder and I are planning to visit Israel towards the end of June and beginning of July. Last time some EoZ readers in Israel hooked us up with some very interesting interviews and exclusive […]

Dr Cohen: Israel ‘denied Nazi roots of Farhud ‘

May 31, 2016 Ian piece in Israel Hayom by Bar Ilan research fellow Dr Edy Cohen about the Nazi roots of the Farhud, whose 75th anniversary falls this week. Dr Cohen suggests a cover-up, where Israel ‘paid senior […]

Ups and downs in the fight against BDS

May 31, 2016 Ziy0nadmin antisemitism in Britain is dominating the news, it is in no way the only country with a Jew-hatred problem. And make no mistake, BDS is antisemitism in politically-correct clothing. Sadly there seem to have […]

Of course PA schools teach antisemitism

May 31, 2016 Ian the Facebook page of the Salem-Dir Hatab Boys High School, near Nablus: This was to commemorate the “20th anniversary of the Ibrahimi mosque massacre” in Hebron. A caricature of a stereotypical haredi Jew with […]

Hamas starts executing convicts, but not (yet) publicly

May 31, 2016 Ian From The Telegraph: Hamas executed three people reportedly by firing squad and hanging this morning, in a move that defied protests from the UN and will likely deepen tensions with the Palestinian government in […]

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