August 4, 2020

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Two weeks later, Egypt still obsessed over writer who blames it for expelling tens of thousands of Jews

Egyptians remain livid at  Fatima Naoot, who wrote an op-ed to weeks ago in Al Masry Al Youm that accurately blamed Egypt for forcing out virtually its entire Jewish population, many of whom were patriotic and contributed to Egyptian culture and politics.

Since my last post about the crazed Egyptian reaction to her article, the Egyptian parliament attacked Naoot, accusing her of “distorting Egypt”, of promoting false claims that serve the enemies of the nation, and of working to serve the international organizations that are paying her, which are planning to “distort the history of Egypt.”

The most strident parliamentary criticism of her came from members of the Human Rights Committee. Yes, Egypt’s human rights parliamentarians want to erase the history of Egypt trampling on the human rights of Jews. 

Al Ghoul
One member of the Human Rights Committee, Mohammed al-Ghoul, went so far as to attack the mental health of Naoot, saying “I doubt that she has any psychological balance. A healthy person  would not write such articles.”
That is not the only attack on Naoot. 
Besides the articles that continue to be written that claim that her facts are lies, a journalist has formally filed a complaint.
Abdu Zaki Ali Mousa, a member of the Syndicate of Journalists, filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor against Naoot, accusing her of:
– Angering Egyptians who hate Israel because it “devours whole countries, kills children” and humiliates the Arabs;
– Distorting Egypt’s image and inciting against it;
– Harming Egypt economically by exposing it to paying substantial financial compensation to those Jews who claimed to have been forcibly displaced.
– “Flirtation with a foreign country that all Egyptians see as an enemy;”
– Hurting the feelings of the descendants of the “martyrs of the armed forces who were killed by the occupying forces in several wars.”
Back in 2013 a major documentary film called The Jews of Egypt that documented the expulsion of Egyptian Jews in the 1950s and 60s was originally stopped from being shown by Egypt’s censors for similar reasons, but in the end they backed down when the story became international news. As far as I can tell, the film was received fairly well by Egyptians who watched it, and they understood that it was accurate. 
The hate towards Naoot seems to be not only what she wrote, but also because in the past she has written about Copts and other topics that ruffled feathers. It could be that her being a woman is also a lightning rod for her. 

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